Changeways Clinic Services for Clients

Changeways Clinic offers private on-site psychologists offering counselling for the general public through our offices in Vancouver Canada. We specialize in the provision of evidence-based cognitive behavioural psychotherapy (CBT) for adults and adolescents.

How does Changeways Clinic work?

Use this section of the site to find out more about our services.
  • Who do we see? Information about the people and the types of problems we work with at Changeways Clinic. We help people experiencing depression, anxiety disorders, major life changes, long-term disability, and more.
  • Providers and fees. Information about our therapists and fee arrangements.
  • How to refer. Information for physicians, other professionals, and the public on how to access our services. Note that clients can self-refer without the help of a physician.
  • Referral form. For physicians and other professionals.
  • Who are the therapists? Our list of psychologists and clinicians.

Information about difficulties

Want to learn more about various types of concern? Try these pages.
  • Resource Pages. Our resource section provides extensive information about depression, anxiety, and more - including Positive Psychology (the art of maximizing your potential and life satisfaction) and concerns about sexuality.
  • PsychologySalon. Our series of presentations on psychological issues. Here you will find a list of upcoming and past presentations
  • Self-Care Resources. Free manuals providing information on depression and its treatment. Available for download using Adobe Acrobat.

Information about therapy

Never been to a therapist before? Been to one but want to learn more? Take a glance at one of our guides.
  • What is CBT? Find out more about cognitive behaviour therapy, the form of therapy used most often at Changeways Clinic.
  • Tips for therapy. Three tips to get the most out of your psychotherapy sessions.
  • The Sequence of therapy. What happens in the first session? What happens next?

Books from us and from others

Prefer to read about challenges - either instead of seeking therapy or in addition to it? Here are some options.
  • Your Depression Map. Learn more about our perspective on depression by checking out a book based on our work at Changeways Clinic.
  • The Assertiveness Workbook. Want to set and maintain better boundaries in your relationships? The Assertiveness Workbook offers point by point strategies.
  • The Core Program MP3 Edition. Learn more about cognitive behaviour therapy and depression by using a 90-page workbook and listening to a series of 8 one-hour talks on MP3.
  • Bookstore. Which self-help books should you choose? We offer our suggestions.


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