Public Speaking

Looking for a psychologist to speak on a topic related to mental health and wellness? We offer talks on a wide variety of topics, of which the list below is just a sample. Don’t see what you want? Contact us and we’ll see if we can help!

Personal Development

Assertive and Effective: Strategies for Clear Communication. What are the key differences between assertive, aggressive, passive, and passive-aggressive communication? What are the barriers to being more assertive, and how can we overcome these?

DownShift: How to Feel Less Overwhelmed by Your Life. Many of us feel weighed down by responsibilities, obligations, and possessions. This talk reviews four basic strategies to lighten the load.

The Pillars of Happiness. Human beings design much of their behaviour to bring about future happiness, but we seem poor at anticipating what will actually make us happy. This talk discusses four components of well-being and life satisfaction.

Achieving your Vision: Goal Setting in Real Life. We all have goals, but often they seem unreachable. How can we generate truly worthwhile goals for ourselves and then build the path toward them, while coping with the unpredictable events that life throws at us?

Slippage: The Gap Between Perception and Reality. We often assume that we are responding to the world as it truly is, when in fact everything we see is filtered through the distorted lens of our beliefs, biases, and personal history. This talk demonstrates specific ways in which this distortion happens.

Emotional Intelligence: Three Strategies for Coping With Our Feelings. A talk on learning how to make our emotions work for us, rather than against us.

Reality is Over-Rated: A Defence of the Internal World. Much of therapy is about developing a clearer vision of external reality, but this runs the risk of ignoring the world in which each of us really lives: A world of music, colour, dreams, fascinations, and emotions. Without a rich (and often non-rational) internal world, life is unfulfilling.

The Lessons of Depression. What can the experiences of people with depression teach the rest of the world about life, the emotions, and what’s important in our lives? This talk looks at what goes wrong in depression, and what we can learn from it without having to endure its lows.

Mood Disorders

Out of the Blue: The Nature and Treatment of Clinical Depression. An introduction to depression for the general public, covering pharmacological, psythotherapeutic, and self-care strategies for management.

Failed Nations? Misery in Wealthy Societies. Western cultures have unparalleled wealth but seemingly ever-greater incidences of depression. How did this happen?

How to be Miserable: 15 Strategies to Lower Your Mood. What if we wanted to feel unhappy - what would we do? A look at some techniques almost certain to lower mood - many of which we practice in an alleged attempt to feel happy.

Stress and Anxiety

Calming Stormy Seas: Stress Management in the Real World. What is the stress response, really? What are the core strategies for dealing with it, both long-term and in the moment?

Fearing the Future: Anxiety Disorders and their Treatment. The various anxiety disorders all share a fear of events in the near future; we use these events as a common theme to describe each of the common anxiety-related problems and their treatment.

Mental Health

First, Do No Harm: Is Mental Health Good For You? We often presume that mental health services are an inherently good thing - while recognizing that past practices have probably done more harm than good. Could the same be true today?


The Nature of Sexual Orientation. What is sexual orientation? Is it determined by genetics, other biological influences, upbringing, or personal choice? What current research has to say about sexual diversity.

Equal but not Equivalent: Similarities and Differences between Same-Sex and Opposite-Sex Couples. Same-sex couplehood resembles opposite-sex relationships in many ways, but there are very real differences as well.

Gay 101: An Introduction to Gay Issues for Straight Audiences. A discussion of gay life and lifestyles, pointing out some of the myths and realities of life as a sexual minority in Canada.

40 Years of Change: Gay Rights in Canada. In 1967 Canadians could be imprisoned for homosexuality. By 2010 gay people can marry and adopt children. How did this startling (and surprisingly rapid) social change come about?

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