Major Depression

This section of the site provides information about the nature and treatment of depression and related mood disorders.

Depression is much more than a passing sense of sadness. On these pages you can learn about the various types of mood problems, their causes, and their treatment.

The Types of Mood Disorder


Self Care for Depression

Ultimately, much of the hard work involved in overcoming depression is done by the individual him- or herself. Here we provide some self-care options.
Note: Information on these pages is provided for educational purposes only. It should not be taken as a substitute for care from a qualified healthcare provider.

Online Course:
What Is Depression?

In our new online course, Dr Paterson discusses the nature, experience, and diagnosis of depression and related mood problems. The focus is on the symptoms, rather than the causes or treatments, which are topics planned for other courses. Registrants receive an extensive set of course notes. For 40% off the regular fee of $20, use coupon code “what40off” when you visit our host site,