The Core Program:

A Cognitive Behavioural Guide to Depression

Translated Editions

The Core Program is the most widely used group treatment program for depression in Canada, and has been exported around the world. Practitioners in the Vancouver area have been interested to use the Core Program for non-English-speaking populations, and have taken the initiative to translate the entire client manual into other languages. Their work has been non-funded and they have not sought payment for what has been, for them a labour of love.

The goal has been to make the cognitive behaviour therapy concepts in the Core Program available to as wide a population as possible. The question, then, is how to distribute these translated editions.

In consultation with the people working on the translations, we have decided to make the translated editions available entirely
free of charge to mental health clinicians wishing to use them. Clinicians can write to us requesting an electronic copy of the manual and stating their professional background. Within one week, we will email the translation out. The clinician requesting the manual then has permission to reproduce the material for the use of his or her own clients.

There are some limits.

  1. We do offer the materials only to healthcare professionals. This includes physicians, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, nurses, and other experienced mental health clinicians.
  2. We reserve the copyright on the material to the extent that it may not be distributed via electronic means, nor published in any format without our written permission. The materials are allowed to be reproduced only for the clients of the professional who has received the material from us. If others working in the same profession, region, or agency also wish to use the materials, we require that they contact us directly for their own copy and permission.
  3. Only the Client Manual has been translated. The Clinician’s Guide is only available in English, and for that we must continue to charge a fee. Contact us for further details. It is still possible to receive the Client Manual without the Clinician’s Guide.

The manual is presently available in the following languages. (Click to go to the relevant page.)

A translation is also in the planning stage for Spanish.

Want to help?

If you are interested in pursuing a translation of the Core Program into another language, contact us at
and we can discuss the details.