The Core Program:

A Cognitive Behavioural Guide to Depression

Arabic Edition


In 2011, the team of Sharareh Haji Ghorbankhani and Hevin Kurdi invested many hours of work translating the Core Program Participant’s Manual, 3rd Edition, into Arabic. Ms Ghorbankhani was involved in the provision of the group program in English and has also worked on the provision of mental health services in her native Arabic.

The Changeways Clinic team thanks Ms Ghorbankhani and Ms Kurdi for all of their work. Their original intent was to create something that could be used to assist the Arabic-speaking population of Vancouver, but it quickly became apparent that the materials might be very useful for practitioners working elsewhere in Canada and around the world. They wished to make the program as widely-available as possible.

In light of their generosity and intention, we are making the Arabic Participant Manual available free of charge to universities, physicians, and mental health professionals at no charge.

To receive a copy, simply email us at
. State your profession, country, and a brief reason for wishing a copy of the program, and we will reply with pdf versions of the client manual and related forms for your use and for reproduction for your own clients.

Please note that the Clinician Guide is not included (and regrettably is not available in Arabic). If desired, the English version of the program including the Clinician Guide can be purchased from this website. Note also that the pdf translation may not be provided to other professionals nor posted on the internet without the written permission of Changeways Clinic.