The Psychological Checkup

How are you doing? How's the balance in your life? Are you on track in your life goals? Are there clouds on the horizon and, if so, are you planning to deal with them?

The Psychological Checkup is a series of three to four appointments designed to review the circumstances of your life with the help of a supportive counsellor.

We will provide you with an assessment of your current mood, level of anxiety, and quality of life. We will inquire about your lifestyle, and how you spend your days. We will ask about your plans for the future.

Based on the interview data, plus any questionnaires or exercises you complete, we will provide feedback on your sustaining strengths, and on areas of your life that you may wish to work on.

The checkup is not intended as a screen for psychological disorder. It is designed for highly motivated individuals wishing to get a confidential outside perspective on their lives, and recommendations about strategies that might help. Note also that this service is explicitly not intended as psychotherapy.

If you request this service, you will be provided with a series of questionnaires and exercises to complete. Some of these will be mailed to you in advance of your first meeting. Feedback on all measures and exercises will be provided by the third meeting, and you will receive a series of suggestions for future action.

Please note: This service is not intended for people in acute distress.